Wright Brothers Industrial Services Ltd




The acceptance of this quotation includes the acceptance of the following terms and conditions:-


“The Company” Shall mean Wright Brothers Industrial Services Limited situated at Carlton Forest, Red Lane, Blyth Road, Worksop, Nottinghamshire S81 8BP

“The Customer” Shall mean the person, firm, company or other organisation referred to in the Quotation.

“The Equipment” The Equipment and machinery to be supplied by the Company.


Unless previously withdrawn, this Quotation is open for acceptance within thirty days from the date of the Quotation, and is subject to confirmation by the Company at the time of such acceptance.


The time for despatch given in writing in the Quotation is in good faith, but the Company shall not be responsible for any delay.


The Customer shall pay the price as defined in this Quotation to the Company in accordance with this Quotation. In the event of there being no terms regarding payment in this Quotation, then the Customer shall pay to the Company full price within thirty days of the Invoice being raised by the Company, failing in which, the Customer shall pay to the Company interest on the price at the rate of four per cent over the base rate for the time being of the National Westminster Bank plc, from the date of the aforesaid Invoice, to the date of the payment.

The liability of the Company to the Customer under the terms of these Conditions of Sale (if any) shall not be effective until payment of the said price has been made to the company in accordance with the Conditions of Sale.


Unless this quote states otherwise, the aforesaid price will not include the Company’s delivery charge and in the event of the Company being requested to deliver the equipment, the Customer shall forthwith pay to the Company, the Company’s charge in respect of such delivery.

In the event of the Customer refusing to accept or being unable to accept delivery of the equipment, the Company shall have the right to place the equipment into storage and the Customer shall be responsible for the costs of such storage. In the event of the equipment not being collected by the Customer within three months from the date of refusal of delivery, the Company shall be at liberty to sell the equipment and to recover the costs of storage and sale and account to the Customer for the balance of such monies if any. It is hereby agreed that in the event of the Customer refusing or being unable to accept delivery as foresaid, then the Customer shall not be released in any way from his obligation to pay the aforesaid prices.


For a period of six calendar months after the goods have been delivered to the Customer and subject to the payment of the price aforesaid, the Company shall repair and/or replace the equipment or parts of the equipment that are defective, provided that the equipment has been used properly and that said defects are solely due to faulty design, material or workmanship of the Company and provided that the equipment or part of the equipment is returned to the Company at the cost of the Customer.

In the event of the equipment not manufactured by the Company proving defective in the manner aforesaid, the Company shall use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that the Customer benefits from any guarantee the Company may have received in respect of that equipment. In the event of the Company giving further guarantees or warranties, the said further guarantees and warranties shall be additional to this guarantee and shall not revoke or alter the same.


Title to the equipment shall remain with the Company and shall not pass to the Customer until payment in full for the same has been received.

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